If you find yourself in need of a little extra elbow room and don't have it in the budget to go out and buy a new desk, fear not. A simple and inexpensive plastic folding table can easily be dressed up to look the part of a chic, modern, minimalist writing desk.  

Step 1

Prep The Surface

The first step before any painting project? A little bit of elbow grease for a solid scrubbing. Paint sticks to a clean surface, not a dirty one.

Step 2


After cleaning, priming. Primer is SO important, especially when you’re talking about plastic and metal. There’s nothing worse than putting in the work on a project only to watch the paint flake off at the least little bump a few days later. 

Pro Tip

Apply all primer and paint in thin, even coats. 

Step 3

Paint The Stool Seat

Next up, I painted my trusty little stool with a semi-gloss white spray paint and once it dried, I prepped it for copper treatment on the legs. I used some plastic wrap and painter’s tape to protect the clean white paint on the seat and then got ready to pull out the spray paint. 

Step 4

Accept the Unexpected

Sometimes, conditions just aren't ideal for spray painting. The bubbling seen here is a result of trying to paint in a garage that was too cold. Back to the drawing board. 

Step 5

Apply Liquid Gilding To Table Legs

Once I had my table spray painted in the same semi-gloss white and had given it a day to dry, I moved it upstairs and got ready to tackle the legs. After the debacle with copper spray paint, I decided to go with liquid gilding instead. 

Step 6

Apply A Second Coat Of Gilding

I used a small soft brush to avoid harsh brush strokes. 

Pro Tip

Gilding is smelly stuff, so if you’re using it, open the windows and wear a mask to avoid a paint fume headache. 

Step 7

Allow To Dry Fully

Since this desk will only be used lightly, I decided not to apply a clear coat to seal it. If, however, I start to see wear and tear, I'll make a few touch ups and then spray on a clear coat.