Rustic Outdoor Spaces: Repurposing and Reusing Salvaged Materials

A rural Alabama couple reuses and repurposes salvaged materials in their creative outdoor spaces, from the deck to garden to old well house.
By: Michelle Reynolds and Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

Photo By: Bob Farley

A Rustic, Repurposed House in the Woods

The Cassady and Davis house in rural Alabama is small, but the living space is made large with the addition of outdoor rooms. A sleeping porch outfitted with an arbor, mix-matched chairs, gliders, and tables accommodates large gatherings. Turquoise and swamp green lend colorful accents to the folky tone of the place.

Repurposed Outdoor Living Room

Security bars were tossed in the trash from an old building demolition, but they gained new life as stiles for the deck. Along with a scrolled carport support, a part from a window washer scaffold and architectural artifacts, Davis' grandmother's gliders look great in this outdoor living room. Birdhouses are made from discarded crown moulding and other found objects.

Scrap Marble Table

The table is a long piece of salvaged marble on a base made from the wood scrap pile. It is long enough to seat all of the couple's friends plus one cat. Mix-matched chairs and a holiday-light strung candelabra set the tone for outdoor entertaining.

Architectural Artifacts

The deck of the guest cottage is outfitted with finds from old department store demolitions. Railing is made from window-washer scaffolding. The scaffold ends, window stiles, and architectural artifacts are all reminders of an earlier time in nearby downtown Birmingham, Alabama, while antique metal furniture, hay hooks, skulls, and pails anchor them to the country.

"A Little Rusty" Angel

A rusted angel guards her post along with a broken piece of handmade tile.

Bird Bath and Seat

A birdbath and an old machine-shop chair make a great combination bath and feeder for the birds.

Light Fixture Fiddler

Davis calls these creations "fiddlers." He explains: "You know, when you are just fiddling around and you find something, you might want to make a hangy thing out of it." This fiddler is made from a glass light fixture.

Candy Dish Fiddler

A candy dish, a stained glass heart, a wire star and a couple of marbles make up this fiddler.

Apothecary Fiddler

A glass lens and an apothecary bottle help catch the light. Every fiddler is different.

Salvaged Store Decor

Apothecary jars, spiraled wire, and Kelly's mother's brass bells hang alongside an old track salvaged from a demolished store.

Dragonfly Pail Planter

A metal track from a department store receiving area makes a trellis for a vine while a dragonfly and a window security stile add artistry to the pail planter.

Salvaged Yard Sculpture

An elevator brake was left behind after demolition and now is yard sculpture at the Cassady and Davis home.

Well House Reborn

The old well pump house still stands in style adorned with architectural finds. Industrial chairs accompany the window box and are seasonally used as plant stands.

Agricultural Art

Farming equipment of days gone by hangs in an artful way from the well house walls.

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