Sun, rain and seasonal storage can age an outdoor patio umbrella leaving it looking dingy and dull. Bring it back to life – inexpensively -- with a fun and creative coat of paint. 

Step 1

Clean Umbrella

Unfurl that old umbrella and assess it. Are the seams intact? Are the mechanics of the umbrella operational? Any rust on the spokes or tears in the fabric? If it’s in reusable shape, use a rag to dust the umbrella clean.

Step 2

Prime and Paint Inside

If the umbrella’s fabric is a thin weave, apply a coat of spray primer. Lightly coating the surface of the fabric helps to saturate it and will help prevent the paint from bleeding through.

Paint on the inside of the umbrella first in a layer of pink paint. Do one complete coat to line the inside of the umbrella, but leave the edges of the umbrella unpainted (Image 1). Allow the pink paint to dry and then do a second coat for full coverage (Image 2).

Step 3

Paint Inside Edges

While the second coat of pink dries, paint the edges of the umbrella with two coats of the darker green color (Image 1). Leave a 3-inch space between the pink and the dark green to leave room for a third color, a light green (Image 2). Using two shades of green helps to emulate the natural transition of colors in a watermelon rind. If you desire the band of light green paint to be perfectly straight, apply painter’s tape to the inside of the umbrella overlapping the dry pink and dark green. Paint two coats of lighter green for full coverage.

Step 4

Paint Outer Surface

The outer-facing fabric of the umbrella will be painted an alternating light and dark green to represent the outside of the watermelon. Eight panels on the typical umbrella make it possible to alternate colors all of the way around. Proceed with two coats on each panel for full coverage, which will help disguise any bleed through of the pink from the inside of the umbrella.

Step 5

Paint Watermelon Seeds

Use black paint and a new foam brush to freehand paint the watermelon seeds on the inside of the umbrella.

Step 6

Enjoy Your New Watermelon-Inspired Umbrella

Install umbrella in your backyard or at the beach for an easy, entertaining feature.