Pick Your Pattern

Durable beach towels are a perfect solution for outdoor upholstery. Ice pop drips and pina colada spills can be easily washed away, plus the fabric is cool, absorbent and as colorful as you want it to be. 

Step 1

Layout and Pin Fabric

If you are working with square seat cushions you will want to make sure your patterns goes up the sides. Pin the towel into place and cut off excess fabric leaving a one-inch seam allowance.  Remember you will be using a solid colored (less expensive towel) on the back side of your cushions.

Step 2

Mark Seams

Unpin the fabric and mark your corner pleats with pins or a fabric marker.  

Step 3

Trim Excess

Turn the towel inside out and cut the excess fabric from the corners.  

Step 4

Sew Sides

Sew the corners of the fabric. This will make a box with the bottom. Cut a bottom to size plus seam allowance. Pin the bottom to the sides and sew to three of the four sides of the box-shaped seat cushion.

Step 5

Add Fastners

Sew Velcro to the back opening of the last side. This will make removing and laundering the cushions a lot easier.

Step 6

Back Cushions

Extra-large beach towels should be long enough to make one back pillow. Sew the beach towel into a large tube so that the seam is along the back and the design is centered on the front. Sew the towel closed at one end and add Velcro at the other.  Stuff the slipcovers with two king-sized extra firm pillows.  

Step 7

Make Tabs (if Necessary)

For seat cushions, make tabs from Velcro and cover the tabs with fabric. 

Step 8

Treat Fabric

Regular washing and reapplying of a water-repellant spray will help maintain your cushions.