We repurposed two kitchen cabinets that normally go above a refrigerator into a handy entryway bench with extra shoe storage.

Step 1

Paint the Cabinets

Sand, prime and paint the cabinets.  Allow sufficient time to dry between each coat.  

Step 2

Add Bench Supports

Cut a 4x4 or a 2x4 into blocks that will sit flush to the top of cabinet. This is to provide a level surface for the bench top. Use wood glue to attach the wood to the top corners of the cabinets. Make sure they are even with the top of the edge of the cabinets — do not go over it.

Step 3

Make the Feet

Measure and cut the 4x4 into eight 3" to 4" pieces for the bench feet. (You can also buy pre-cut bun feet.)  Sand and finish or paint the feet as desired. We used stain then sealed it with two coats of shellac. 

Step 4



Attach the Feet

Apply wood glue to the feet. Place each one under the corners. Screw them into place from the inside of the cabinet. Use at least three screws per foot.

Step 5

Marry the Two Cabinets

Place cabinets next to each other and ensure they are level with each other. Adjust the height if necessary by sanding down the feet.

Step 6

Cut Top to Size

To get the measurements for the bench top, measure top of the cabinets then add 2" to the front and the to sides so you'll have a lip around the edge. Use a circular saw to cut the top. 

Step 7



Finish the Top

Sand edges of the bench top and finish as desired.  

Step 8

Attach Top

Apply wood glue to the corner bench support pieces. Place the bench top on the cabinets and make sure it is centered and square. Insert a screw into the corner blocks from the inside of the cabinets. Make sure the screw is not too long that it will protrude throught the top of the bench.

Step 9



Photo by: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Susan Teare, Joanne Palmisano

Seal the Top

Add a protective sealer to the bench top. Use at least three coats and allow it to dry thoroughly.