After you've installed two-tone bamboo flooring, you're likely to have remnant pieces. Upcycle those leftovers and make this modern chandelier. Watch the video to learn how.

Step 1

Create the Base

Cut a piece of plywood for the base.

Pro Tip

You can leave the plywood larger than your finished base will be.

Step 2

Cover the Base With Bamboo

Nail a first row of dark bamboo along one edge. Add two more dark rows, tapping and nailing them together, staggering joints as you would on a floor.

Step 3

Remove Extra Plywood

Rip away the extra plywood, if any, using a saw.

Step 4

Create Sides

Nail light flooring on the sides.

Step 5

Add Lighting

On the bottom, mark and drill holes in a random pattern for hanging light bulbs. Pass electrical cords through the holes into a box on the back.

Step 6

Wire the Lights

Wire cords together on a single circuit using wire nuts. Tack the cords at the desired length, but leave enough to change the height of the bulbs after you see how they look.

Step 7

Attach to Ceiling

Locate a ceiling stud and insert two heavy hooks. Hang the fixture with heavy picture wire through the hooks.

Step 8

Install Bulbs

Screw in Edison-style bulbs, which give the fixture a vintage-modern vibe.