Gather Tools and Materials

The webbing on folding chairs usually doesn't last as long the aluminum frames. To reweave the seat and back, nylon cord works best because it's sturdy and weatherproof. 

Step 1

Prep the Chair Frame

Use a screwdriver to remove old webbing from the chair frame.

Step 2

Clean and Sand if Necessary

Use steel wool to gently clean the chair frame. If the chair has wooden arms, lightly sand them to prep for new paint or stain.

Step 3

Start With a Secure Knot

Tie a double knot on the bar across the seat with the craft cording. Place your ball of craft cording on the ground inside the seat frame during the entire weaving process.

Step 4

First Loop

Bring the cording up behind the fold bar at the seat. Continue up the back of the chair then loop the cording over the bar (by the headrest) and loop it over the front from the back. Just as if you were going to weave on a loom you are creating your 'warp' at this point.

Step 5

Second Loop (Cinch It Tight)

Take the cord back to the seat going underneath the center seat bar. Bring the cording under the bottom seat bar and over creating another loop. Again use the widest part of your second crochet hook to hold your loop. 

Step 6

Continue Looping

Loop back to the top, behind the middle seat bar again, over the top bar and push the loop between two cords. Grab the new loop with your crochet hook and pull it through which begins the chain stitch that will go all along the top of your chair. Use the wide part of your crochet hook again to hold this new leap and you go down and keep repeating the pattern.

Step 7

Continue Vertically

When you have finished your ‘warp’ and covered the entire chair vertically take the last strand and cut enough to make one last loop. Take your final loop to the outside to lock it. Thread it through and tie a double knot.

Step 8

Cut and Melt Ends

Trim off any excess cord and use a flame to seal.

Step 9

Ready to Move Perpendicular

At this point the horizontal pieces of the chair are complete.

Step 10

Start Other Direction

Creating the ‘weft’ or horizontal portion of the chairs is the exact same process. You will again want to use your large needles to create a single chain stitch close to the horizontal bars of the chair to anchor everything.

Step 11

Get Creative

As the backs of the chairs are being woven consider adding patterns and colors, like a pineapple and or cactus. Maybe glue on a few pompoms for good measure.