DIY Upcycled Kids' Sand Box 01:19

Kids will love this sand box table made from an old sink and coffee table.

Step 1

Clean the Sink

Scrub the sink to get it ready for paint.

Step 2


Spray the sink with a coat of primer.

Step 3

Determine Sink Placement

Mark the cut lines on the tabletop to fit the sink. You may find it easier to lay the sink upside-down on the table and trace around the edges. Just remember, you’ll have to cut inside the lines.

Step 4

Start the Hole With a Drill

Start cutting the tabletop by drilling a hole just inside your marked lines.

Step 5

Cut Hole in Tabletop

Insert the jigsaw blade into the hole you just drilled and then cut around the inside of your marked lines.

Step 6

Sand the Edges Clean

Use sandpaper to smooth out the cut edges.

Step 7

Paint the Table

If desired, cover the table in a fresh coat of paint.

Step 8

Paint Sink

Paint the top of the sink to match the table. Allow both the sink and table to dry.

Step 9

Stop Up the Sink

Fit the sink drain holes with stoppers.

Step 10

Fill With Sand and Call the Kids

Pour sand in the sink and get the kids a bucket and shovel.