Step 1

Use a circular saw to cut the legs down to about two inches tall.

Cut Down the Legs

Use a circular saw to cut the legs down to about two inches tall.

Step 2

Add Locking Mechanisms

Attach a throw bolt to the crib’s post and the panel section that you want to be the opening. Place the bolt portion on the bottom rail of the paneling. Repeat for the other side.

Step 3

Remove Screws

Remove the screws that hold the opening panel to the posts. This will allow you to swing the panel open. We had to use an allen wrench to remove ours.

Step 4

Close the Throw Bolts

When the bolts are removed, secure the panel to the posts with the throw bolts.

Step 5

Add Handle

Measure the centerpoint on the bottom rail of the opening panel. Center your drawer pull over that centerpoint then mark where to pre-drill. Drill the holes for the drawer pull screws. (We had to hold up the panel to avoid hit the mattress platform.) Attach the drawer pull with screws.

Step 6

Create and Attach Top Piece

Cut 1/2” birch plywood to the exact size of the top of the crib. Stain or paint as desired. When the finish is dry, attach the plywood to the crib at the four corners. Pre-drill the plywood and then insert screws.

Step 7

Add Mattress

Make the crate comfortable with a mattress and your pet's favorite toys.