Don't Throw It Away: 8 Creative Ways to Reuse an Old Garden Hose

Wait! Before you throw away that old garden hose, consider upcycling it. Even when leaky or damaged, a hose can be reinvented to serve a new purpose.

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Craft an All-Weather Garden

Using lengths of hose, spray paint and cable ties, it’s easy to assemble a “year-round” garden. The hose’s natural tendency to coil makes it possible to form simple rubber petals, and the long stem threads over a piece of rebar, making it easy to position these blossoms upright in your garden.

Make a Soaker Hose

Rethink the potential of a busted hose by upcycling it as a soaker for your garden and landscape. Outfitted with a fabric sleeve and riddled with lots of pinholes, this homemade soaker hose makes it easier and more efficient to care for your plants.

Protect Your Patio

If you’ve kept a planter in one spot on a patio, you know what type of damage it can cause to the underlying wood or stone. Protect the surface from gouges, scratches, and excessive contact with dirt and moisture by placing a coil of hose beneath the planter. Think of it as a handy, inexpensive trivet for your heaviest outdoor things!

Make a Comfortable Bucket Handle

If you have a scrap 6” piece of rubber hose, use it to cushion the stiff handle on a large utility bucket. Disconnect the handle, and slide a piece of hose on. You’ll thank yourself the next time you’re heaving that bucket during a project!

Keep Birds Out of the Garden

A strategically placed fake snake will help deter birds from eating your garden. The most economical way to build this prop is to use a piece of spare hose. Consider applying a quick coat of paint to mimic the colors or patterns you might see on a common regional snake, then position it into your garden. Landscaping staples will help you force the snake into different slithery positions. Move it every few days so the birds don’t become suspicious.

Protect Underground Wire

If you’re running wires underground for a project like installing an invisible pet fence, a spare piece of hose can serve as an alternative to conduit piping to protect the buried wire. If you or someone else is digging in the area of the wire, they’ll be more apt to notice a hose and less likely to damage the wires.

Craft a Convenient Basket

A hose, zip ties and scissors are all you'll need to transform an old hose into a handy all-weather basket for your garden and backyard accessories. A severely damaged hose won’t affect the end result of this project, so whether it’s burst, cracked, or chewed, your hose can find new life. Learn how to make this basket on

Craft Holiday Garden Art

As seen on HGTV's White House Christmas, large red pots adorned with green garland and a hose served as pieces of beautiful holiday garden art. If you're considering ways to upcycle an old hose as holiday decor, you can form a Christmas tree by coiling a hose around a cone and using a planter as the base.

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