If a designer wooden high chair is out of your budget, look to yard sales to find a well-loved chair that's seen better days. Be sure that the chair is sturdy and size appropriate for your child, and be sure to test for lead before doing any work on the surface. 

Step 1

Clean and Prep

Start by giving the chair a THOROUGH scrubbing. Nothing spells spray paint disaster like a surface that’s not clean.

Step 2


Allow the chair to dry fully from the washing before priming. Apply primer using thin, even coats and be sure to get primer into any ridges or woodwork details.  Allow the chair to dry overnight.

Pro Tip

With spray paint, wearing a respirator mask in a well-ventilated area is always a good idea. 

Step 3


Once the primer is dry, it's time to paint. In this case, the first coat was crisp white paint. To add accents, block off certain areas with painter's tape after the paint dries.  

Step 4

Apply Second Paint Color

Disassemble the base of the high chair from the top and string up the two pieces spray paint like the pros. 

Step 5

Remove Painter's Tape

Allow the paint to dry fully and then very carefully remove the painter's tape. 

Step 6

Apply Clear Coat

Because high chairs endure a lot of wear and tear, applying a clear coat is critical to protect the paint job. Carefully spray a clear laquer in two thin, even coats and then allow to dry fully before reassembling the chair.