21 DIY Wedding Table Number Ideas

Customize your reception by using stylish table numbers as a practical addition to your table's centerpiece and decor.

By: Lauren Harris

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Wine Corks + Calligraphy

These custom calligraphy table numbers add a simple, yet elegant touch to a table. Using a wine cork as a stand for the table number is a creative and inexpensive way to add sophistication to your centerpiece. Design by Jane Dolan of Southern Calligraphy.

The Next Chapter

Your wedding day is an important chapter of your life. Play on this theme by labeling each table as a chapter number — you could even include sweet framed pictures from different chapters of your and your sweetheart's lives.

Simple + Sweet

Download and print table number designs then frame them for a pretty presentation. The place cards are customizable so you can fill out your guests' names and specify their table. Download the free place card template >>

Rustic Inspiration

Made from barn wood, house numbers and vintage door knobs, these rustic table numbers are right at home at this country wedding.

Effortless Elegance

This DIY project is as easy as it gets! Simply pick a font you love and print onto thick white card stock. Once your numbers are printed, cut out and fit the finished card into your floral centerpieces with a plastic card holder. Quick tip: If you're worried about your ability to cut in a straight line, most professional printing companies will laser cut your paper for pennies!

For the Book Lover

Crafting table numbers from vintage books is a creative way to designate the wedding's many tables. Get the step-by-step instructions >

Country Chic

Simple wooden numbers on wooden picks are a fun way to number the tables at a rustic wedding. Placed in a colorful floral centerpiece, these make an easily recognizable and beautiful tabletop display. Design by Nicole Oliver.

Fashionable Frames

A simple, printed table number nestled beside the centerpiece gives subtle guidance for wandering guests. Frame and place table number cards on a picture frame holder for stability.

Chalk Clips

Clipped to a potted plant, these table numbers add a whimsical touch to a rustic wedding. Design by Pattie Gowing of Charlie Chalk Designs.

Wine Bottle Display

Craft easy-to-make table numbers from wine bottles for a subtle addition to your table's centerpiece. Get the step-by-step instrucions >> 

Small But Mighty

Stenciled with a black table number, a small piece of cardboard makes a big statement in this pretty flower arrangement.

Nautical Knots

For a beach or nautical-themed wedding, print table number cards and place in an exquisite rope knot. Design by Richelle Siatta of Pretty Chic SF.

Simply Bold

Found at any craft store, these large chipboard numbers make a bold, pretty statement when propped against an elegant green and white floral arrangement.

Fabric Fun

Wrapped in fabric, this table number adds a pop of color to a table display. All numbers could be wrapped in the same color fabric or varying colors depending on the wedding style. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Gilded Pages

Transform old, unused books into stunning gilded table numbers. Simply spray lightly with gold paint, then trace a white number onto the front of the book. Use extra tomes and pretty florals to complete the centerpiece.

Charming in Chalk

Use a simple chalk plaque to display table numbers. This is a low-cost option for sophisticated rustic style.

Tree-Themed Tabletops

Instead of using traditional numbers, name the tables from a certain catergory. Cut from wooden logs, these table names are a creative way to differentiate tables.

Glitter Accents

Whether you're having a New Year's Eve wedding or throwing a glitzy affair, spice up your tabletop with glitter table numbers for a dazzling display. Design by Katherine Coe of GlitterBug Numbers.

Nostalgic Numbers

Take your guests on a stroll down memory lane and number the tables by year. Choose a picture of the bride and groom in that year for a fun and personalized tabletop display. Design by Corie Saunders of Simple Simon Design.

Tag It

Inexpensive gift tags make perfect DIY table numbers when draped around a simple mason jar arrangement.

Around the World

Turn back time and share memories from favorite vacations and trips. Each table named by destination will be a fun way to engage guests as they reminisce the past and celebrate the future on your special day. Design by Jones Street Press

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