Tips, Tricks and Gadgets for Storing Christmas Decorations

When it's time to put everything away, store you holiday decorations with ease. Find simple tips and smart storage solutions to save you time and keep your heirlooms safe.
By: Michele C Hollow

A Place for Everything

Many holiday tree ornaments are delicate. Some are made of glass and can break easily if not stored properly. Most ornaments can fit snugly into each compartment. This way your holiday ornaments will not jostle or break when being packed away for storage. This double-tray storage box comes with a case to keep your ornaments free from dust.

Easy to Find

When you are packing up your holiday table decorations, designate one basket to keep all reusable items in it for next year. “Even place cards can be reused if you invite the same guests repeatedly,” says Katrina Teeple of Operation Organization.

Take a Picture for Next Year

Before your guests arrive, take a photo of your holiday table setting and save it to your computer in a folder called "Holidays." Then for the following year, just before you are going to set the table, print out the photo and give it to a family member to re-create the design. This is a great way to get children involved in helping set the table. (Photo courtesy of Operation Organization)

Sturdy Storage

A deep bag with lots of space can hold small Christmas trees, nativities, garlands and more. The trick is not to overload it. Just as you would pack a grocery bag, put the heavier items on the bottom and the delicates, wrapped in newspapers, on the top. The wheels on this holiday storage container make it easy to transport. If you are storing holiday lights, carefully take them down from the tree and wrap them around a large piece of cardboard, which you can then place inside a storage bag. Photo credit: Christmas Lights Etc.

Labeling Saves Time

Label everything! By doing so, you will end the stress of opening and looking through miscellaneous decoration boxes. “It will save you a lot of time,” says Katrina Teeple of Operation Organization.

Taking Down the Tree

Artificial trees are quite durable. The first step in storing your artificial Christmas tree is to carefully remove all of the lights and ornaments. Then place the base of your tree in the bag — just like you would use a tree skirt — and move it upward over the tree to cover it completely. Make sure your holiday tree is stored in an area that is between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Frosted, flocked or white Christmas trees don’t do well in extreme temperatures or in high-humidity areas. Photo courtesy of Brookstone

Reuse and Recycle

“Use egg crates to protect small holiday balls, or cut up paper towel rolls and pack in a holiday cookie tin,” says Katrina Teeple of Operation Organization.

Overhead Storage

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious garage, store your holiday lights, decorations and even artificial Christmas tree in the above compartment that can be created with this shelving unit from Tailored Living.

It's a Wrap

Create your own DIY ribbon station with an inexpensive mug tree (found in most kitchen stores). “Doing this keeps your holiday ribbons accessible and tangle-free,” says Katrina Teeple of Operation Organization.

Gift Central

Christmas comes just once a year, but there is always a need for gift wrap and a place to store tape, ribbons and decorations. This wall-mounted storage rack with baskets holds a lot and doesn’t take up too much room.

Designate a Space

Holiday decorations should have their own section in your storage area. This way you will always know where everything is packed. “Investing in a shelving rack is a great way to maximize space,” says Katrina Teeple of Operation Organization.

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