Throw a Fiesta-Style Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Reveal the long-awaited news with a Mexican-style fiesta. Decor with bright colors, serve crowd-pleasing food then break open a big pinata to let everyone know if it's a niño o niña.
By: Girls With Glasses

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Everyone's Invited

The fiesta theme is great for a coed shower and also for a gender-neutral bash.

Girl or Boy?

Everyone wants to know the baby’s gender, but they won’t find out until someone pops the question ... mark open. Blue candy means it’s a boy, and pink candy means it’s a girl. Either way, guests will be delighted to be a part of the discovery. Get instructions on how to make the pinata

Crazy for Color

Use exotic blankets and colorful flowers to set the celebratory tone. Make every detail fun and bright. This is one party that doesn’t need to be subtle. The more color, the better.

Prickly Party Favors

These darling little cacti give the table a rustic touch, and they can be given away as party favors for guests to take home. Take a look at how we put them together

Fiesta Food

To have a true fiesta, the food has to taste amazing. Try homemade guacamole, colored soda, churros and “mamagaritas” with little homemade flags. Some things are easier to buy, like chips and churros, but the guac is worth spending a little extra time on. Get the recipe for "mamagaritas".

Something for the Kids

If kids are invited to your baby shower, you might want to keep the cacti out of reach, and it’s smart to have something to redirect their attention to. We grabbed a few maracas. Let the kids draw on them, play with them, and take them home.

Colorful Details

There’s no reason to stay with basic colored details. Use pink silverware and multicolored napkins. For organization and decor, use woven baskets on the table.

Go Big on the Gift Table

Don’t miss an opportunity to go big on color. One or two of these decorations wouldn’t have done the trick. Only when you cover the whole front with color, does it come to life.

Mom-Approved Margaritas

“Mamagaritas” are margaritas without alcohol. Our mamacita can toast with the whole party and not feel left out.

Bold Banners

We mixed store-bought flag garland with some that we made. Blending the two allows for less work, but it’s still a look that can’t just be bought.

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