Three Ways to Make Paper Flowers For a Wedding Bouquet

Learn to make budget-friendly flowers that will last long past the wedding day.
By: Jess Abbott

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Wedding flowers don’t have to cost a fortune. Paper bouquets are a budget-friendly alternative, they’re fun to make and they’ll last a lot longer than real flowers.

Tools and Materials

For this project, you will need: tissue paper; floral wire; floral sticks with wire attached; floral tape; sharp/heavy-duty scissors; Styrofoam cone; ribbon; embroidery needle, or other small pointy object; green construction paper for leaves and floral pins.

Method 1: Cut Paper Squares

To make the first type flower, cut about eight pieces of tissue paper into a square. You can have some squares smaller than others; simply layer the smaller ones in the top center.

Method 1: Fold Paper Squares

Fold the square in half and then fold it in half again - quartering it.

Method 1: Cut Petal Shapes

With the folded edge in the center, cut some petal shapes around. Keep the folded center attached.

Method 1: Forming Flower

You should have something like this when done.

Method 1: Unfold Flower and Poke Hole in Center

Unfold flower shaped tissue. Use an embroidery needle or other small pointy object to poke a hole in the very center of the flower.

Method 1: Attach Flower Stick

Thread the top wire of a flower stick through the hole in the center of the flower.

Method 1: Wrap Wire

Gently push down the tissue paper around the top of the stick, and wrap the wire around the flower center to secure, about 1/8" from the top.

Method 1: Floral Tape

Bring flower petals back up towards the top, covering the wire center. Use the floral tape to wrap tightly around the bottom of the flower. Continue to wrap around the stick until you get at least one inch from the bottom of the flower.

Method 1: Repeat

Repeat to make more flowers in various colors.

Method 1: Create Leaves

Cut a leaf shape from the construction paper. Fold the leaf down the center to create a crease.

Method 1: Add Leaves to Flower

Secure the leaf to the stem of the flower in your desired location. Wrap floral tape around the bottom of the paper leaf directly onto them stem. (Ours is directly underneath the flower).

Method 1: Fill Cone

Insert the bottom of the flower stick into the Styrofoam cone. Fill the cone with as many flowers as possible.

Method 2: Roses

The second method starts with cutting long strips of tissue paper. Layer the tissue paper so that you'll be working with two or three pieces at once.

Method 2: Cut Arc

Fold the strip of tissue paper in an accordion style until it is about a square in size. Cut an arc around the top edge.

Method 2: Unfold Tissue Paper

Unfold and you should have something that looks like this.

Method 2: Wrap Wire

Using a floral stick, wrap the wire around one bottom edge of your scalloped tissue paper. Only wrap around once or twice leaving the wire to dangle off.

Method 2: Wrap Scalloped Tissue Paper

Continue to wrap around the scalloped tissue paper. Pinch together the bottom as your wrap, and fold the wire over the bottom edge as you go to hold it in place.

Method 2: Forming Rose

When you finish you should have something that looks like this.

Method 2: Wrap Floral Tape

Wrap floral tape tightly around the bottom of the flower, continuing onto the floral stick stem.

Method 2: Finished Roses

The only thing that's missing is the sweet smell. Insert the roses into the Styrofoam cone to continue filling up the bouquet.

Method 3: Make Pompom Flowers

This flower works great as a filler. Cut a rectangle piece of tissue paper, using about seven layers.

Method 3: Accordion Style

Fold tissue paper accordion style.

Method 3: Wrap Center with Floral Wire

Use either basic floral wire or the wire on top of a floral stick to wrap around the center of the accordion tissue paper. Cut notches in either side of the paper for a smaller center, making sure not to cut all the way through.

Method 3: Cut Petal Shape

Use scissors to cut the ends of tissue paper into a petal shape.

Method 3: Forming Pompom

Grab the wire center, pinch together, and fluff out the tissue petals. Be careful not to rip them.

Method 3: Wrap Floral Wire and Tape

Wrap floral wire around the bottom center, attaching a stick stem if you haven't already done so. Wrap again with floral tape. Insert pompom flowers into the Styrofoam cone to fill up any empty space.

Thin Green Leaves

This step is optional, but it adds a really nice touch to the paper bouquet. Cut long, thin green leaves from the construction paper. Fold down the center to create a crease.

Wrap Leaves to Floral Stick

Wrap the bottom edge of each leaf around a smaller floral stick, wrapping the wire of the stick around the bottom of the leaf to secure.


Repeat the process for two to three leaves on each stick.

Add Leaves to Cone

Insert leaves into the bouquet so that the tops are peaking out above flowers. Trim down the top ends to the desired size.

Smaller Green Leaves

Another optional step, but again, it lends itself to a prettier finish. Cut about 15 to 20 smaller green leaves, fold down the center of each one to make a crease. Put two to three leaves together and pin the bottom edge of them to the upper edge of the Styrofoam cone. Fan leaves out along the top. Repeat this until you make your way around the entire upper edge of the Styrofoam cone. This will hide the floral sticks.

Wrap Cone With Floral Tape

Wrap around the entire Styrofoam cone with the floral tape.

Finished DIY Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Wrap silk or grosgrain ribbon around the handle. Use a floral pin to secure ribbon along the top and bottom edge. Add a bow around the top if desired and you are finished!

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