The Easiest Cocktail You Will Make This Thanksgiving

Take the stress out of one thing you make this Thanksgiving, with this easy, delicious, two-ingredient apple cider cocktail.

Apple Cider Cocktail

Apple Cider Cocktail

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I say it every Thanksgiving. This year, I am going to keep things simple. But when my mother and I are involved, the chances of simplicity actually materializing are slim. We overcook, we overextend. We, natch, overeat.

Fall Apple Cocktail

Fall Apple Cocktail

But if I can streamline one thing this Thanksgiving I will. And I have stumbled upon the perfect place to pull back but still deliver a memorable, celebratory moment. I'm talking cocktail hour. Mom, you can tackle the candied pecans to serve with drinks. I'll be whipping up this unbelievably easy two-ingredient apple cider cocktail that looks super fancy because it is fizzy and because it has something Italian involved (prosecco) and because, well, garnish. The secret sauce in any memorable cocktail is a fancy garnish and this one is so easy even I can pull it off with relative ease.

Apple Cocktail

Apple Cocktail

Your recipe for this light, refreshing sip is child's play: equal parts ice cold real apple cider and prosecco poured in a beautiful champagne flute. Find some fresh rosemary from your garden, or buy a plant for a beautiful holiday centerpiece and snip off some pieces to serve with your cocktail. Spear a medium lemon round with the sprig of rosemary and serve. What could be easier?

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