Rustic Romantic Autumn Wedding

Use the colors of fall to create a romantic wedding. Plus, find simple DIY projects that will make the look affordable.

By: Fairlane Station

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Chalkboard Runner

Choosing an aisle runner can be a daunting task for any bride and groom. Using black chalkboard paper and chalk to write a personalized message is a great alternative to a traditional aisle.


A focal point at the end of the aisle is a wedding must. Using a one-of-a-kind piece such as a reclaimed vintage buffet covered in lush vibrant-colored floral arrangements is an easy and budget friendly way to customize a DIY autumn wedding.

Assorted Floral Tablescape

Grouping flowers in clusters creates a romantic and colorful tablescape. Red and mustard-yellow ranunculus and pink roses look dreamy displayed in clear vases of various heights and sizes at the end of the aisle.

Chair Ties

Make it official and add a rustic touch with "Mr. & Mrs." bride and groom burlap chair ties. Personalized DIY chair ties are fun, decorative, and affordable. Choose an accent color that pops and matches your theme. Get the step-by-step instructions.

Floral Garland

Floral arrangements can be one of the most costly decorations. Flowers should not be limited to bouquets and tablescapes. Creating a floral garland is one way to save on budget and make a big impact in the overall decor. A lush green garland comes to life behind the altar with pops of mustard yellow and red ranunculus and pink roses. Learn how to make wedding garland

Cake Topper

Make the cake an elegant centerpiece for your dessert table. Easy, budget friendly, and creative, use some galvanized wire and a pair of pliers to create a personalized cake topper with a special message. Learn how to make this

Rustic Beverage Sign

A wedding bar takes on a new life with a DIY rustic sign made of wood planks, painted with chalkboard paint and labeled with your favorite beverages. A beverage sign is a simple and stylish way to let guests know what drinks they can choose.

Vintage Book Table Numbers

Wedding decorations are all in the details. Use vintage books with a bold romantic text to create custom table numbers for a centerpiece that will inspire and impress every guest. Textures and colors are key. Choose books with warm autumnal hues and a worn-in look to match the theme. Finish it off with gold metallic ink for a little extra glimmer. Get the instructions


A lush green garland can make any wedding feel romantic. Fresh garland is easy to make, affordable, and a great alternative to flowers. Make it versatile. Place it in an entryway for the ceremony for guests to enjoy as they enter. Take a look at the instructions

Garland Tablescape

Use the same garland as a centerpiece on the bride and groom’s table during the reception.

Floral Swing

A DIY floral swing is a great, non-traditional way to create a personalized centerpiece and a decorative focal point. Using colorful jewel-toned flowers mixed with lush greenery as a base makes this project budget friendly.

Perfect Chemistry

Suggest “perfect chemistry” with subtle accents in a floral tablescape. An old test tube rack is not only ideal, it is a creative way to display wedding flowers and it saves on budget by making a focal point out of single flowers.

Bridal Bouquet

Floral arrangements and bouquets for an autumn wedding should not be limited to fall colors only. Bright jewel tones complement rustic decor. Mustard-yellow and red ranunculus and pink garden roses make a bold statement. Add in autumnal accents such as red berries to pull the look together.

Guestbook Creativity

Remember the ones you love who are there on your special day by having your guests sign a small wooden heart instead of the traditional guest book. The hearts can be creatively displayed in a rustic shadow box or frame inside your home to enjoy for years to come.

Versatile Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

To set the bridesmaids apart from the bride, pull out a vibrant color such as mustard-yellow and create large monochromatic floral bouquets. After the ceremony, transfer the bouquets to the reception tables for an inexpensive way to accent the decor.

Rustic Dessert Table

Nothing says rustic like a pair of old whiskey barrels topped with an old wooden door. Make the perfect dessert table by topping it off with homemade sweet treats and decorations.

Sweet Wedding Favors

Send guests away with s’more love! S’mores are easy and budget friendly wedding favors that are perfect for a rustic wedding.

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