Queen of Hearts Baby Shower For Multiples

A Queen of Hearts baby shower for multiples is sure to hit the jackpot. Use decor based on a deck of cards to celebrate two- or three-of-a-kind.
By: Girls With Glasses

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Full House, Full Heart

When you have a baby your heart swells with unimaginable love; you are the queen of hearts. If you’re lucky enough to have twins, or your very own two of a kind, this baby shower is for you. If you’re having triplets, you could even make the party a “three of a kind” party!

Fit for a Queen

We are talking about red roses, hearts, black-and-white stripes and red velvet cakes. This motif takes subtle inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, but we don’t have to paint our roses red.

Candy Bar

Nothing is sweeter than a candy bar, but I’m not talking Snickers, I’m talking a massive table full of goodies. Pick your favorite red candies and go crazy.

Lace Crowns

Make a lace crown for your guest of honor or for each guest. Everyone feels prettier in a crown. These delicate beauties are easy to make and you can pick your own color and design, get the instructions

Gift Table

The gift cart is decorated with heart garland for an added touch of love. We simply cut out felt hearts and ran them through the sewing machine.

Dining Decor

To keep it from looking too Valentine’s, we used black-and-white striped fabric for the tablecloth and gglittery gold accents like this adorable tea set. If you can’t find a perfect tablecloth, don’t fret; check your local fabric store for hundreds of options.

Cake for Two

For two babies, we made two double-layer cakes. To stay with the theme we made them in red velvet. The all-white cakes stand out on our sparkly red tray. If you use red frosting, serve it on a white tray.

Matching Munchies

Everything we put on our table matched, even the food. Strawberries are the focal point in our spinach salad. We made caprese skewers with beautiful baby tomatoes and mozzarella balls, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic.


Simple drinks are turned into showstoppers, with a heart sucker as a stirrer. Not only do they look lovely, they also make the drink sweeter. See how we made them

Floral Bouquet

Roses in vases are nice, but use a pretty deck of cards to spruce up plain mason jars. The black cards add an elegant accent. If your cards aren’t as stunning, try flipping the cards over and showing the suit side. Get the step-by-step instructions


Keeping with our theme, we added a two-of-hearts to the floral arrangements. To add height, the arrangements were set on vintage red books and a cake stand. Again, if you are celebrating triplets, use three-of-hearts in each floral arrangement, or make three big ones with one card in each one.

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