Puppy Party Dress

Your pampered pup is sure to be the belle of the ball in this festive Christmas party dress.


Materials and Tools:

soft measuring tape
1/2 yard special occasion or taffeta fabric (amount of fabric will vary depending on the size of your dog)
1/2 yard lightweight standard interfacing
4" to 5" strip of 1-inch wide white sewable Velcro
fabric shears
decorative buttons, bows or appliques


1. The first step is to print the PDF pattern and, if necessary, resize it to fit your dog. This dress pattern was originally designed to fit a Chihuahua with a 14-1/2 inch chest. Measure your pet's chest and if it is larger, you will need to enlarge the pattern on your computer or take the printed pattern to a print shop to have it resized to fit your dog.

2. Next, pin the skirt pattern to fabric which has been folded in half; align the pattern so that one edge is on the fold. Cut two fabric pieces using the skirt pattern and two pieces using the bodice pattern. Note: Bodice pieces should be two inches larger than your dog's chest to accommodate adding the Velcro.

3. Place the two bodice pieces right sides together with interfacing on the bottom and sew along the lines indicated using a 1/2-inch seam. Note: Do not sew the bottom edge where no lines are present. Leave it open so that you can turn the bodice right side out to attach the skirt.

4. Once the bodice is sewn together, clip each corner where the neck and the waist meet to ensure that the seam will lay flat once it is top-stitched. Turn the bodice right side out, making sure that the corners are square (a dull pointed object such as a chopstick works great for straightening corners).

5. Place the two skirt pieces right sides together and sew along the lines indicated. Do not sew the top edge where no lines are present — this is the gather line. This skirt has a hemline and a gather line.

6. Hem the skirt first along the dotted line using a 1/2-inch seam. Next, clip along the bottom edge of the skirt, using scissors, every 1/2-inch before turning it right side out. Finally, sew the gather line, but do not gather the last inch on both sides. Gather it enough so that it fits into the bodice.

7. Attach the bodice to the skirt. To hide the seams on the inside of the dress, pin your gathered skirt between the two layers and sew in place.

8. Now it's time for the fun part — embellishment. Topstitch the dress once it’s completed for a more finished look. Add a special holiday touch by embellishing the completed dress with buttons, bows or appliques. Finally, attach two 2-1/2 inch pieces of Velcro by sewing them onto the neck and waist pieces of the bodice to allow for easy on and off when dressing your pup.

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