Make Your Own Thanksgiving Door Wreath

Instead of bypassing the rest of autumn and Thanksgiving by heading straight for Christmas, decorate your door with a few fall favorites – acorns, pinecones, and leaves – dressed up with a little paint, and enjoy the season.

Celebrate Fall on Your Front Door

This fall wreath makes a subtle statement on your front door, displaying an appreciation for autumn and for Thanksgiving’s friendly, low-key vibe. The simple project uses a natural ready-made wreath and decorations inspired by the outdoors. All you really need to do is paint and glue, so have craft paint brushes and a hot glue gun at hand.

Keep the Palette Neutral

For a clean, modern look, rather than going with rich autumnal colors, keep the palette very neutral, using white, silver, gold and the wood tone of the wreath.

Start With a Natural Wreath

Find natural grapevine wreaths at craft stores, as well as the silk leaves and pinecones. You may also find unpainted, unscented acorns at a craft store or they can be ordered online (these are from Crate and Barrel).

Paint the Leaves White

Paint the leaves white using acrylic craft paint. The silk leaves are porous, so be sure to put down some wax paper or a drop cloth before painting. Then give each leaf a coat of paint, setting it aside to dry, repeating until full coverage is achieved.

Paint the Pinecones Gold

Use liquid gilding and a small paintbrush to give the pinecones a glam coat of rich, shimmering gold. Liquid gilding tends to be a bit of a hassle to get off of fingers, so use gloves to limit the mess and cut down on clean-up. Coat the inside and outside of each petal on the pinecone and set aside to dry.

Paint the Acorns Silver

For the acorns, use silver liquid gilding. Again, gloves come in handy when working with small items! Rather than painting the entire acorn, paint only the bottom, leaving the cap untouched, for added contrast.

Let the Paint Dry

Allow time for all the bits and pieces to dry fully. Once all of the materials are dry, it’s time to assemble the wreath.

Arrange Your Wreath

Lay the entire wreath out exactly, and then go back to secure each piece in place.

Glue the Leaves to the Wreath

Hot glue is the best material for this use, giving a strong bond and super-fast drying time.

Glue the Acorns and Pinecones

For the pinecones and acorns, find the spot exactly where the piece will touch the underlying twig, and glue there, pressing it down to bond.

Let Dry and Hang

After all the pieces have dried in place, hang your autumn wreath on the front door and declare your love of the season to Thanksgiving guests and passersby.

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