Make Leather Fringe Napkin Rings

Since leather is a great material to use on a fall-themed table, why not add some fringe to a strip of leather, make it a ring, and call it a napkin ring?

Trendy Tassels

Leather tassels look great on everything from key rings to belt loops. These leather table accents are hip, modern, playful and not at all fussy, as napkin rings can sometimes be.

Gather Materials

Craft stores often have an entire aisle of leather craft supplies. Grab a sheet of dark brown leather, roughly the size of a piece of printer paper.

Measure and Mark

To get started, grab a pencil, a ruler and a pair of scissors. Mark a line to cut the sheet in half.

Cut the Leather

Use regular scissors (which work perfectly) to cut the leather.

Create Four Pieces

This leaves two rectangular strips. Once again, mark a line to cut each piece in half. You’ll have four pieces that will each become one napkin ring. Keep your ruler on hand, as well as a pencil and scissors.

Mark Your Fringe Line

Now mark off a strip at the top of one of the leather pieces. (Tip: Using the width of the ruler makes this step fast and easy.) The top section will be the ring part of the leather napkin ring– the part that won’t have fringe. Make the line to know where to stop cutting.

Begin Drawing Fringe

Now mark the lines of the fringe, drawing a line every quarter inch.

Finish Drawing Fringe

With the lines drawn, it’s easy to see the leather napkin ring taking shape.

Cut Fringe in Leather

Start cutting the lines of fringe, stopping at the line marked at the top. At this point, take a few seconds to roll the leather around to loosen it up a bit and make it look a little more beaten up and weathered.

Add Super Glue

Super glue is a fast, simple way to secure the ends of the napkin ring together. Apply a thin line to one end of the leather.

Secure Ends of the Ring

Wrap around to form a ring and affix the glued end underneath the non-glued end. Note: Because the napkin rings won’t be doing any heavier lifting than wrapping around a napkin, the strongest bond known to man is unnecessary, but the super glue bonds pretty strongly.

The Final Result

Now you have a set of four on-trend, hip, rustic and totally perfect napkin rings for dressing up the table for a Thanksgiving feast.

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