Make a Geometric Wooden Centerpiece

For a Thanksgiving table with a clean, modern look, use lightly whitewashed geometric wood pieces instead of a tablecloth or fabric runner.

Try Triangles

Six triangular pieces of whitewashed wood form three diamonds down the center of this fall table and create a neutral base for other decorations. See how they’re made.

Collect and Cut

Six-foot lengths of pine boards are available at home improvement stores. For this project, purchase three 6-foot 1x6 boards, carefully selecting three that are similar in color and as free as possible of knots. Using a miter saw, cut out 12 triangles, each with two 30-degree angles (the bottom two corners in this photo) and one 120-degree angle (the top corner in this photo).

Wipe Clean

After cutting, wipe the boards down with a tack cloth to remove all sawdust and dirt.

Sand the Edges

No sandpaper on hand? Know what will do in a pinch? A nail file – it works like a charm for small jobs.

Make Whitewash

Pine can be a little yellow. To tone down the yellow, but still see the wood grain, use a little white paint watered down to create a quick whitewash.

Add Water to Paint

Play around with the ratio of water to paint to get a consistency and level of coverage that works.

Test First

Paint a test swatch on the back of a scrap of wood from the boards to see if the coverage is right. For light coverage, the paint/water mixture should be a milky consistency.

Apply to Wood Pieces

Working on only one triangle at a time, apply one coat of the paint mixture.

Wipe Off Excess

Then use a clean paper towel to lightly wipe off the paint on the surface, similar to the process of wiping off stain.

Allow to Dry

Once the paint dries, the boards are still wood toned, and still have visible wood grain, but no more yellow undertone.

Paint the Remaining Triangles

Lay out the triangles and then set to work painting each one. Coat all of the edges, and then allow all of the boards to dry fully.

Play With Patterns

Play around with the triangles, testing out different configurations and arrangements to create a custom centerpiece that’s adaptable and easy to reconfigure.

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