How to Turn a Baby Spoon into a Christmas Tree Ornament

Turn your baby’s first spoon into a keepsake Christmas ornament with this easy craft tutorial.
By: Jess Abbott

A Spoonful of Christmas

Part of the fun when it comes to trimming your Christmas tree, is remembering just where or how you got each ornament. The memories of ornaments can last a lifetime, even more so when they are personal keepsakes.

Tools and Materials

To make the baby spoon Christmas ornament, you will need: a baby spoon, drill and a metal drill bit, stick on initials, ribbon and scissors.

Polish Spoon and Apply Lettering

Make sure your spoon is nice and clean or polished and fully dry before you start. Place the sticker in the very center of your spoon. If your stickers are not extremely adhesive, use a very small bit of clear glue or clear nail polish on top of the sticker to secure in place and allow it to dry.

Drill a Small Hole in the Spoon

Use a drill with a metal bit to make a small hole into the top of the spoon’s handle.

Add Ribbon and Display

Cut pieces of ribbon and tie around the spoon in a bow, as well as looping through the hole in the spoon handle to create the ornament loop. Your baby spoon ornament is complete.

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