Holiday Stockings Three Ways 06:39

Ariel shows you three easy ways to make cute fabric holiday stockings.


Find a pattern

Enlarge a stocking pattern to a 3' size or draw your own oversized stocking pattern.

Step 1

Arrange the fabric

Double the chenille material either right sides together or wrong sides together. Pin the oversized template directly to the material. If your material has a design on it, take that into consideration as you are laying out your pattern.

Step 2

use leftover fringe to trim around stocking edge

use leftover fringe to trim around stocking edge

Cut according to the template

Cut around the template. If your material has trim or fringe around it, cut that out separately and use it to trim out the top of your stocking. Stitch the trim or fringe to the top of the stocking before sewing the two sides together.

Step 3

Sew the material

Place your pattern pieces (right sides) together, pin and sew. Stitch 1/4- to 1/2-inch all the way around, leaving the top of the stocking open. If material is too thick to run through your sewing machine, hand-stitch the corners of the trim at the top of the stocking together.

Step 4

Reinforce the toe and heel

Turn the stocking right side out and run a 1/2-inch top stitch around the outline of the toe and the heel of the stocking. This will keep it from puckering when you hang it.

Step 5

Embellish the stocking

Drape old laces around the top portion to embellish. String the necklace across the front of the stocking (Image 1), underneath the fringe and hand-stitch into place. Create a loop for your stocking with a stock chain or ribbon. Hang the stocking from a weighted stocking holder to ensure the stocking will not fall (Image 2).