How to Make Burlap and Fall-Leaf Garlands

Decorating a front entry can be tricky, especially in the fall. Instead of skipping over autumn, take a moment to celebrate the season with a few inexpensive materials and a fast half hour of assembly.

A Quick-and-Easy Autumn Accent

These burlap and leaf wraps are a fast, easy, inexpensive way to dress up any entry for fall. Here, they work great to dress up exterior columns, but the idea could also translate to a mailbox or to architectural features indoors.

Gather Materials

Burlap is the perfect fabric for fall decorating. It has the right color, the right rustic feel, and can be easily cut into thin strips. Silk leaves will stand up to wind, rain or snow, and are available at craft stores.

Cut Burlap Into Strips

Burlap can be purchased by the yard from a fabric store, and it comes in several different colors and patterns. Measure and cut the burlap into 6-inch strips, which is simple to do, following the grain of the material. This will also reduce the amount of fraying.

Measure for Length of Strips

Use some string to mock up the wrap of the columns and then use the string as a guideline for the length needed for the burlap strips.

Sew Strips Together

Use a sewing machine to quickly sew several pieces together end-to-end to create longer strips.

Attach the Leaves

Staple each leaf in place. Using staples means that the leaves can be easily removed and used for other projects.

Take It Outside

Once all of the leaves are attached to the burlap strips, it’s time to take them outside and wrap the columns.

Wrap the Columns

Use a couple quick staples to tack the top in place, wrap the burlap around each column, and then secure the end to the base of the column.

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