How To Make a Spooky Halloween Centerpiece

Charm your guests this Halloween by decorating your dining room table with a spooky, yet spellbinding display.

Spooooky Display

There are many different ways you can arrange the centerpiece. As long as you have the necessary eerie materials, you'll have everything you need to create any spooky display.

Tools and Materials

You'll need moss, faux feathered-birds such as crows and owls, a paint bucket, plastic pedestal vases, julep cups (painted black or wrapped in black tulle), silk hydrangeas and autumn blooms in deep colors(partially spray painted black), glittered spiders, and artichokes, pumpkins and gourds (spray painted black).

Roll Moss on the Table as the Base

To begin arranging your centerpiece, spread moss rolls out on your table for a runner or base. Wrap the paint bucket in black tulle or paint black.

Add Flowers to the Centerpiece

Arrange partially spray painted flowers in clusters of three stems in each vase/container. Fill the gaps with a bird. Place gourds, artichokes and remaining birds between each vase.

Arrange Pedestals and Birds

Add three pedestals with birds on them to give the arrangement height. You can use upside down wine glasses or empty spools as the pedestals.

Add Glittered Spiders

Add large glittered spiders among the artichokes, pumpkins, gourds and flowers. This gives the centerpiece an eerier appearance, but with added glitz.

Dining Table Fit for Halloween

Remember to place the tallest objects at the very back and the shortest in front, as to see every piece of the display. Continue to add pieces, such as witches hats and other Halloween objects until you reach the desired look.

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