How to Make a Large Spider Web for Halloween

Get in the spooky Halloween spirit by making this easy DIY spider web. Wool yarn, scissors and tape are all that is needed to make this classic decoration. And spiders, of course!

Halloween Wall Art

Adorn your walls and home with this webbed decoration. Your guests will be impressed and it's so easy to make.

Tools and Materials

For this eerie project, you need wool yarn, scissors and tape. Plus any spiders you want to weave in the web.

Start With a Single String

Choose the color and thickness of your web. For this purpose, we used a thin white yarn to contrast the dark wood table. Choose black yarn if it will be displayed on a white wall.

Secure String to Table

Cut the yarn the width of the table and secure with tape.

Tie Second String

Lay a second piece of yarn perpendicular to the first piece and tie them together in the middle. Secure the edges with tape. You should now have a symmetrical start to your web.

Grab a Handful of Yarn

Wrap a handful of yarn around your hand and cut. You'll use this yarn to weave between the two anchor pieces.

Start Webbing

Tie the first end of the yarn near the axis of the anchor.

Tie A Knot to Each Anchor String

Bring the yarn to each anchor piece and tie a knot to secure.

Spiral Around

Continue to spiral and tie the yarn to get a web to the desired size. If you run out of yarn, simply tie off the end and attach the new yarn to begin spiraling again.

Add Spokes to the Spiral

When the web is the size you want, add the spokes. Cut long pieces of yarn and tie the end of each piece to the middle of the web.

Weave Over and Under

Weave the spoke over and under the spiral piece and attach with tape to the side of the table. Continue to do this until you have the desired numbers of spokes radiating from the center.

Add Creepy Crawlers

Ensure your web is secured to your surface before adding any other design elements or decor — like spiders.

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