Step 1



Cut Flowers

Cut flowers down to desired length, approximately 4" to 5" is recommended.

Step 2

Bind and Tape Stems

Arrange the flowers as desired, and bind the bottom stems together tightly with plastic wrap. Then wrap the bottom of the stems with floral tape, covering the plastic wrap. Start at the top of the stem, about 1/2” underneath the flowers and work your way down to the bottom. Make sure to cover the very bottom of the stems, as you do not want to stain the suit or tuxedo.

Step 3

Add a Bow

Cut one or two pieces of ribbon approximately 10” to 12” in length. Tie a bow around the flower stems; cut off excess ribbon ends. Use Fray Check to prevent ribbon from unraveling.

Step 4



Attach to Suit Lapel

Use a floral pin to attach the boutonniere to the lapel.