Step 1



Make the Base

Wrap the thick floral wire around your head to make a large circle for the wreath base. Make it really loose, when you start to add the flowers it will tighten up. Create a loop at the back end, leaving it loose so that you can take it in or out when you are finished adding the flowers.

Step 2



Prep the Flowers

Cut off the bottom stem of the flowers. If you are using real flowers, you will not want to make the floral wreath until the morning of your event.

Step 3

Add Flowers to Base

Starting at the back, wrap the flower stems around your wire wreath circle. Work your way towards the front center. If you are using faux flowers, twist the wire inside of the flower stems around the wreath circle. Secure the flowers with the thin floral wire when needed (especially if you are using real flowers). Make sure all of the wire ends face outwards and not in towards the center. You do not want these against your head when wearing the crown.

Continue to add flowers, working your way from both back sides towards the center front. Add as many flowers to make as full or as simple as desired.

Step 4

Tighten, Smooth and Tape Wires

When you are finished, you should have something like this. But you’re not done yet, you’ll want to cover up those icky back wires for a clean finish. Start by wrapping thin floral wire around the stems so that they are nice and tight with nothing poking out.

Wrap floral tape over the wire to create a nice smooth finish. You can leave as is or add lengths of ribbon over the tape so they'll flow down the back of the lucky woman who gets to wear the crown.