Creating a custom pinata is easier than you might think. Some heavy paper, tissue paper, glue and some candy are the key elements. Before you know it, you'll be creating one of a kind pinata masterpieces for any occasion! 

Step 1

Gather Supplies

First up, grab your supplies. I used some heavy watercolor paper I had on hand — I wanted it to be heavy enough to hold the weight of the candy, but easily ripped through with a light swat from a bat. A bag of candy conversation hearts (or try making your own!), some fuschia tissue paper, tape, scissors, and you’re set to go.

Step 2

Cut A Heart Template

I used the second-grade method to cut my first heart out — fold the paper in half and roughly cut a half heart shape. A few refinements, and I was satisfied. 

Step 3

Use The Template To Cut A Second Heart

Use the first heart to trace an identical one on a second sheet of paper and cut out. 

Step 4

Cut Paper Strips

Next, cut a few 2-3 inch strips of the same thick paper to make up the sides of the piñata. 

Step 5

Tape Strips

Using tape, affix the strips of paper to the edges of one of the paper hearts. 

Step 6

Attach Sides

Attach the sides all the way around.

Step 7

Secure Second Heart

Now attach the second heart, leaving a small unattached section. This is where you’ll put in the candy when you’re ready. 

Step 8

Cut Fringe

Using scissors, cut strips of tissue paper into fringe by folding a 4 inch strip in half lengthwise and cutting toward the folding edge, leaving a half inch strip uncut at the folded edge. 

Pro Tip

If you want a shortcut, grab a pair of fringe scissors from your local craft store. 

Step 9

Attach Fringe

When you’re ready to apply the fringe, start at the bottom and layer up. 

Pro Tip

A glue stick can be used to apply the tissue paper fringe, but a glue roller is a mess-free tool to save time. 

Step 10

Trim Fringe

Leave the fringe a little unruly, or trim the edges for a neater look. 

Step 11

Fill With Candy

At this point, fill the heart with candy and seal up the opening. 

Step 12

Cover The Sides

Use a few strips of tissue paper to cover the sides, or small sections of fringe. 

Step 13

Hang On String

Use some string or twine through the top of the heart to hang, and let the game begin!