How To Make a Dinosaur Halloween Costume

This fun dinosaur hat and spiky tail costume will make every child stomp with delight.
By: Jess Abbott

Photo By: Jess Abbott

Larger Than Life

Bring your child's imagination to life with this dinosaur hat and tail that will have them roaring in no time! This costume is great for Halloween, birthday parties or just every day dress up.

Tools and Materials

For this project, you'll need: 1 yard of knit fabric, 1/4’ yard of felt fabric, pins, coordinating thread, measuring tape, scissors or rotary cutter and a sewing machine.

Measure Little Dino's Head

Measure the circumference of your child’s head.

Measure for Tail Length

Measure from the middle of your child’s head, down their back to where you want the dinosaur tail to end.

Get the Right Stretch

Make sure that the stretch in the knit fabric is going from left to right, not up and down. To figure this out, simply pull on your fabric gently to see which way it stretches.

Cut the Hat Shape

With the stretch going from left to right, cut four hat shaped pattern pieces (half ovals). The bottom straight edge should be the same width as your child’s head circumference divided by two. The top center of your hat should be approximately 10" in length from top to the bottom, arcing down on both sides.

Cut the Tail Shape

Cut four tail pattern pieces that are all the same length as your tail length measurement, with one straight long edge and one curvy outer edge.

Cut the Spikes

To make the spikes for your dinosaur tail, cut a strip of felt the same length as your tail length by 10" wide. Fold the strip in half lengthwise so it is 5" wide. Cut out various triangle shapes along the top of the felt strip, making sure to keep it attached at the bottom. Cut two or three of these felt strips, depending on how many spikes you want sticking out.

Head Spikes

Cut out a few of triangles from the felt to turn into spikes just for the hat.

Cut Dinosaur Dots

For additional dinosaur decoration, cut felt circles in various sizes.

Attach Circles to Tail

Place the felt circles on top of the two tail fabric pieces and pin. Adhere the circles with fabric glue or sew a curved line around each circle.

Attach Circles to Head

Attach the circles to the two hat pieces.

Sew Head Spikes

Attach the felt triangle pieces to the curved edge of one of your hat pieces. Pin in place, and sew a line around the outer edge to secure.

Sew Hat Pieces Together

Place another hat pattern piece right sides together with the triangle felt hat piece, sandwiching the spikes in the middle. Pin around the outer curved edge and sew.

After Sewn, Turn Right Side Out

Turn the hat right side out. Repeat for the other two hat pattern pieces, placing right sides together and sewing the outer curved edge. (The second set will be the lining of the hat.) Set aside all the hat pieces for now.

Sew Tail Spikes

Place the long felt triangle strip along one of the decorated tail pattern piece’s straight edge. Pin in place and sew to secure.

Secure Tail Pieces Together

Place the other decorated tail pattern piece on top of the felt spike tail pattern, right sides together, sandwiching the spikes in the middle. Pin along the long straight edge and sew to secure.

Sew Tail Underside

Unfold and you should now have this. Place the other two tail pattern pieces right sides together and sew along the long straight edge. These will be the underside of the tail.

Dinosaur Hat and Tail

These are the pieces you should have so far. Now, it is time to sew them all together.

Sew Tail Pieces Together

Place the two tail pieces right sides together, sandwiching the spikes once again in the middle. Pin all around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open. Sew around.

Turn Tail Right Side Out

Turn the tail right side out through the top open edge and press.

Attach Hat Lining

Place the hat lining inside of the decorated hat, right sides together matching up the side seams. Pin around the bottom straight edge, leaving a 4-inch opening for turning. Sew around, using a stretch stitch, serger, or zigzag stitch when sewing. This will ensure that your hat will still have the stretch it needs to go on and off your child’s head.

Stretch Stitch

This is a close up of a stretch stitch. Most sewing machines have a selection of stitches that allow stretch, check the manual. If unsure, a basic zigzag stitch will always work. Essentially a stretch stitch allows the threads to be spread apart and pulled, unlike a basic straight stitch.

Turn Hat Right Side Out

Turn hat right side out through the 4-inch opening.

Secure Tail to Hat

Slip the top edge of the tail inside the 4-inch opening and pin it closed. Sew around the bottom edge of the hat once again to secure. Again, use a stretch stitch.


Lay out your dinosaur hat, and you are finished!


Place the dinosaur hat on your child’s head and watch them stomp around happily roaring at everyone.

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