Budget-Friendly Bouquet

Looking for a fun twist on the classic flower bouquet? How about adding some dangling ribbons. Add movement and color to your wedding photos with this special handmade touch.

Step 1



Secure Bouquet with Plastic

Wrap the flowers stems tightly with plastic wrap. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top of the stems, where you want the ribbon to cover.

Step 2

Wrap Stems with Ribbon

Starting at the bottom of the stems, carefully insert a pin into the ribbon to secure it in place. Start wrapping the ribbon up the flower stems, in a steady motion. Make sure you are firm when wrapping the ribbon so that it stays in place.

When you get to the top of the plastic wrap, pin the ribbon in place using another floral pin.

Step 3

Attach Ribbons to Dangle

Cut 10 to 20 pieces of 12" strips of ribbon. 

Pin the bottom edge of each ribbon strip around the entire top of your flower stems, where the ribbon ends. Each strip should overlap the previous strip, until you have used all of your strips.

Cut one last piece of ribbon, approximately two-feet long. Wrap around the top of the flower stem to cover up all of the ribbon strip-ends and floral pins. Hold the ribbon in place with one last floral pin.