How to Host a Stock-the-Garage Wedding Shower

Throwing a bridal shower for a couple who just bought a new house? Give them a stock-the-garage party to provide them with essential tools for their new home. Include activities like beer tasting and games to make the party memorable.

Great Outdoors — Even in the City

Garage- and garden-themed parties are best enjoyed outdoors. For our shower we decided on a rooftop venue. We set up several small stations around the party area based on purpose; this creates better flow and avoids crowding around one large table. Download and print a Stock-the-Garage banner.

Beer Tasting

Create a craft-beer tasting station with at least four different types of brews. To make it more fun, pour each type of beer in small glasses without the names on them. Provide guests with tasting cards to note their observations. Then let them guess which beer is which from the selection provided. Download the printable beer-tasting cards.

Beer Station

The table cover is a plain drop cloth painted with a neon-green stenciled border. Spray-paint craft paper with chalkboard finish and use as a runner. Place beer bottles in buckets filled with ice to keep them chilled. Instead of leaving the buckets in their original boring metal finish, we painted them in neon-green and white stripes. Tools help hold tasting cards, napkins and other lightweight items on the tables.

Drop Cloth Turned Tablecloth

Create a wow factor by transforming ordinary canvas drop cloths into attractive table covers. Canvas drop cloths are heavier and more durable than regular fabric, which makes them ideal for outdoors. Painted tin buckets play up the neon and become stylish storage containers.

Nature and Neon

Create a healthy balance of masculine and feminine touches by picking an overall earthy color scheme with pops of neon green. Playg softer elements such as potted herbs and succulents with hard elements such as hand tools, which guests can bring as gifts for the couple.

Decor As Gifts

To ensure continuity of the overall theme and to keep costs down, incorporate tools and garage supplies as part of the decor, which after the party will help stock the couple's garage.

Social and Lip-Smacking

Serve finger foods to encourage guests to mingle while noshing. Our menu included lobster tacos and avocado chimichurri dip in tortilla cups.

Tasty Triangles

We also served goat cheese, tomato and bacon on puff pastries, a perfect accompaniment to the beer tasting.


No matter the size of their home, plants are always a welcome addition, from gardens to window boxes to the entire yard. Skip cut flowers as centerpieces and opt for potted plants and herbs in chalkboard planters.

Name That Herb

Test how well the couple and their guests know different types of plants. Place several herbs in numbered small canvas bags on a table. Have guests write on notecards their guesses as to the herb's identity. The one with the most correct guesses gets to take home a prize — maybe an herb plant.


No one leaves empty-handed: Guests receive a small plastic planter filled with a mini tool kit as a thank you party favor.

House-Shaped Planters

A little texture is added to the setting with succulents placed inside planters made from reclaimed wood.

Custom Invites

Guacamole With a Twist

Avocado dip in easy-to-grab tortilla cups topped with a little cheese makes a tasty offering.

Garden Grub

In keeping with the garden vibe, burlap seed sacks are used to hold utensils on each place setting.

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