How to Host a Kids' Gingerbread-Making House Party

This holiday season, keep the members of kids’ table busy by having them build gingerbread houses and candy Christmas trees.

Homemade Rules

Sometimes it is easier to buy a kit when it comes to making gingerbread houses, but making simple ones out of graham crackers and hot glue is really easy.  Having the kids decorate Christmas tree ice cones is even easier yet.

Paper Tableclothes

The key to making gingerbread houses (or any craft with young children) is prep work. Use rolls of wrapping paper as table cloths. Not only does it look great, but when you are done crafting you can roll the paper up and throw it all away.

It's All About the Prep

Put out all the fixings beforehand. To set up the party, you’ll need, graham crackers, icing, hot-glue gun, sprinkles, knives or spoons for spreading, an assortment of candy, ice cream cones and of course, a bunch of kids. 


Think of centerpieces that inspires your young candy architects.


Make your houses ahead of time. You can use hot glue and graham crackers to build the simple structure.  If you want your houses to be edible, whip up a batch of royal icing.  

Leave Some For Tasting

Don’t worry. You won’t leave that sweet tooth unsatisfied if you use hot glue to make your houses. Let the kids snack on candy and eat their ice cream cone Christmas trees.

Icing Glue

Icing will act as your edible glue for this project. Use thick store-bought icing in a can is to help those candy roofs stay put.  

Tree Coverings

Nothing says your icing has to be white, especially for the ice cream cone trees. Use food coloring with white icing to create custom colors. 


After the icing is spread on the houses and trees, it is time for the good part. Use candy, cereal, dried fruit, baking sprinkles to decorate the houses and trees.

Building Components

Disposable cupcake trays make great containers for your toppings.

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