How to Create a Fun Gallery Wall For Halloween

Make a bold Halloween statement with a gallery wall. When creating a gallery wall, diversity is key, but also staying within a holiday-focused color palette is a good idea. Family pictures, kids preschool projects and revamped thrift-store art all come together to create a bold statement.

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Custom Art Gallery

When planning your art wall, look for a variety of objects. Our collection includes family photos from previous Halloweens, old-timey black-and-white photos that we've devilishly embellished, framed preschool artwork, some vintage decor as well as some more kitchsy secondhand finds. 

Stickers on Glass

If an entire gallery wall seems like too much of a commitment, consider embellishing existing frames with googley eyes, mustaches and even full on sticker heads.


Paint markers for glass are perfect for adding a skeletal touch to framed silhouettes.  Thrift a stranger or make one of your own using your favorite profile and black card stock.

Party Posters

Annual parties are so much fun. Often it is the only chance guests get to see each other all year long. Capture the memories of these events by having collage posters printed and framed. Seeing how everyone has changed over the years is always fun. Be sure to hang some low enough that younger guests can see.


See the world through pumpkin orange colored glasses. In the fall take a second look at thrift store art and think about how you could give each piece a Halloween makeover. A fresh coat of paint on the frame and cheap plastic snakes transformed this once innocuous plaster wall hanging into an eye-catching rendition of Medusa.

Cerebral Decor

Make your guests think about it. Everything on your gallery wall should not be as obvious as pumpkins and monsters.   Why not incorporate your collection of vintage souvenir Salem pennants. 

Felt Masks

It’s okay to have giant pictures of complete strangers on your gallery wall, as long as they are in costume.  Get instructions on how to make felt masks >>

Vampire and Witch

Everyone has a dark side, use a little black marker to bring out these family members true identity. 

Candy Corn Marquee Lights

This triangle was actually intended to be part of a light-up banner, but they look even better as candy corn. Get out the craft paint and measure off three sections of your triangle for white, orange and yellow stripes. Get the detailed instructions >> 

Toddler Keepsakes

Now's the time to pull out those preschool crafts from years past. 

Scrapbook Pages

You spend too much time working on scrapbook pages to leave them hidden in a book.  Display your favorite pages seasonally in a scrapbook frame.


The key to an amazing gallery wall, whether it is holiday themed or not, is variety. Not only do you want pictures of different styles, colors, frames and size, you want some items with dimension. Not everything on a gallery wall should lie flat. These hanging clips cost a dollar and are perfect for hanging small favors and pictures.

Color Blocked

The beauty of mass produced art found at most thrift stores is that you can paint on it guilt free.  Take for instance this handsome lass.  He looks much better with a coat of orange paint and a strip of washi tape.

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