Step 1

Holiday-Friendly Kitchens 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics on holiday-friendly kitchens.

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Step 2

Tools & Materials

rolling island
craft knife
measuring tape
bar stools
power drill
wood screws
dark paint
drop cloth
faux holiday plants and flowers
battery-powered, under-cabinet LED lights

Step 3

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Space

For more places to eat and work get an island.

Add bar stools for extra seating.

Get freestanding pantry to hold holiday food.

To store glassware and dishware, remove upper cabinet doors and paint shelves dark color; add contrasting dishes and faux holiday plants.

Light new spaces with under-cabinet, battery-powered, adjustable LED spots.

Pro Tip

TIP: For easy holiday entertaining maximize kitchen space.

TIP: Cut island template out of cardboard to check size before buying.

TIP: An island on rollers doesn’t need installation.

TIP: Label shelves to keep food organized.