Holiday Entertaining Scandinavian Style

If you like natural, country-inspired designs that provide a warm and cozy feeling, then try these entertaining and decor ideas for your next holiday party.

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Very Merry Scandinavian Christmas

Welcome your guests with a rustic, casual buffet. Known for its simplicity and warmth, Scandinavian design is all about uncomplicated coziness.

Merry Marshmallow Men

A little whimsy can create a big impact. These little snow people will have guests grinning and only take minutes to make. It’s a party, go ahead and play with your food!

Spirited Spirits

Trade in your nog for a big bowl of glogg! This Nordic mulled wine is a Scandinavian tradition and is usually served with gingerbread.

Wreath Relief!

Why settle for one piece of holiday decor when you can collect them all? Arranging holiday decorations in multiples can be a great way to transform the conventional to the contemporary.

Nature's Calling

Scandinavian design is heavily anchored in natural elements. In addition to wood tones, try to find a place where you might bring the outside in.

Meaty Christmas!

Hearty Nordic food strikes a comforting note at holiday parties. Proteins and carbs might provide just the perfect (indulgent) elements to keep your party guests going this year.

Perfect Place Settings

Just because Scandinavian design is simple in theory, doesn’t mean it can’t be intricate in practice. Contrasting, cozy patterns will always convey the hospitable vibe you’re after.

Colorful Christmas Candies

Coffee, tea or, in this case, red velvet hot cocoa is a great way to subtly let guests know that the night is ending.

Festive Furnishings

And a last little hint — never forget to incorporate the unexpected. This simple wreath sets the scene when placed on the back of a chair. Its organic beauty along with its unpredicted placement makes it a holiday star.

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