Halloween Party Decorations Made From Washi Tape

Finding the perfect table setting for your Halloween party can sometimes be a real witch. Never fear, you can easily create your own look using ready-made party supplies and colorful rolls of washi tape.

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Custom Halloween Colors

We started with basic black and white party supplies, then used washi tape to customize everything. Washi tape (masking tape) comes in a ton of colors and patterns. We did this for a Halloween party, but keep these tips and tricks in mind for birthday parties and other events.

Party Hats

More than just birthday attire, customized party hats are an easy way to spruce up your spooky soiree. Using washi tape you can easily add stripes, fringe or polka dots.

Party Horns

If it makes a loud noise chances are kids will love it.  Tip: if you don’t want your ears to ring for days put these in the goodie bags to give guests as they leave.

Step 1: How to Make Party Hat and Horn Fringe

To make washi fringe, you'll need washi tape (we used three different colors), wax paper and fringe scissors. Apply three strips of tape to wax paper. 

Step 2: How to Make Party Hat and Horn Fringe

Use fringe scissors to cut all the way up to the center stripe on both sides. Remove the wax paper and stick the fringe to your horn or party hat.

Cupcakes Colors

Give your cupcake paper a burst of color by adding a strand of washi tape around their standard wrapper, and don't forget a festive flag for the top.  

How to Make Cupcake Stripes

Apply washi tape to wax paper and cut one end with scalloped-edge scissors. Peel off the wax paper and wrap the tape over the cupcake paper. If an occasional crease or wrinkle occurs, just smooth with finger.

How to Make Cupcake Flags

Fold a two-inch strip of washi tape around the top of a toothpick. Add a smaller contrasting piece of tape to the center. Use a scissor to cut a small triangle into the end of the tape so that your tape looks like a flag.  Insert into cupcake.

Goodie Bags

Sometimes you do want people to judge a book by its cover, and these goodie bags are a perfect example. Black-and-white, polka-dot bags were taped shut with a bold strip of washi tape and embellished with pompom fringe.  

Clothespin Clips

The goodie bags are more securely held shut with a washi-covered clothespin. Halloween emblems and rhinestones were hot-glued onto the clothespins to complete the look. 

Polka Dots

Our party supplies are full of black stripes and dots, but we wanted more color. So we made orange and pink polka dots to adorn our party hats and solid-color dots for our “boo” letters.   

Step 1: Washi Tape Polka Dots

To create polka dots, you will need washi tape (we used two colors), wax paper and a circle hole-punch. Apply strips of washi tape to wax paper. For multi-colored dots, slightly overlap the two strips.

Step 2: Washi Tape Polka Dots

Use a one-inch hole-punch to make the circles. Don’t forget to punch a few half circles to place along the edges of your hat, letters or whatever.  Peel off the wax paper and apply circle stickers.