We cast a spell on this innocent little children's tent and turned it into witch.

Step 1

Paint Head and Hat

Paint the sides green and the top black.  Be sure to use a non-toxic, multi-surface paint. Ours took several coats of paint to be opaque.

Step 2

Add Hair

Use thick orange yarn with texture for the hair.  Attach it with a glue gun starting underneath the flaps. Frame the witch's face with think bangs.

Step 3

Painted Lady

Use craft paint and paint markers to add the face. If you want to add dimension, use large google eyes and a black pompom for a wart.

Step 4

Photo by: Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Remove Doors

Cut off the back tent flaps and let the yarn hair act as a door.  This will provide more ventilation and light inside the tent. Once all the paint has dried and the glue has cooled, set up your tent and invite your little witches and warlocks out to play.