We poked holes in a pumpkin then threaded it with black yarn to create an adorable spider web.  

Step 1

Cut and Gut

Use a knife or jigsaw to cut away the top of the pumpkin. Remove the seeds and guts from the pumpkin.

Step 2

Drill Holes For Web

Use a 1/8" drill bit to make holes through which to sew your spider web. Spider webs are naturally irregular and unique, but to create a uniform circular web shape, mark a center point on the pumpkin and drill through it. From that point, drill evenly spaced points on the same plane upwards and outwards in various directions. Keep each hole on the same plane 1” apart. Think of it as if you were plotting points for a dot-to-dot asterisk.

Once you’ve created all of the holes, clean the surface of the pumpkin so that the holes are more easily visible.

Step 3

Stitch Circles

Tie a 3- to 4-foot piece of black yarn to a piece of wire (it’s easier than trying to thread yarn through the end of a needle). Loop the yarn in and out of the holes you made in the pumpkin in a backstitching pattern to create the circles that form the spider web. Remember, it doesn’t matter what the inside of the pumpkin looks like, weave the yarn around until your line runs short, and then cut a new 3- to 4-foot piece and continue. The inside will look quite tangled as you work, even though the exterior stitching looks neat and organized.

Step 4

Stitch Straight Lines

Backstitch more lengths of yarn in straight lines to visually connect the circles. Selectively extend several lines beyond the circles to emulate the irregular appearance of a real spider web.

Step 5

Add Spiders

Top off the finished pumpkins with their lids and a few fake spiders then show off your crafty pumpkins

A pumpkin with a yarn spiderweb sewn onto it.

Pumpkin decorated with a spiderweb design for Halloween decor.

Use fake spiders to decorate a pumpkin with a creatively woven spiderweb design.

Photo by: Emily Fazio ©2015

Emily Fazio, 2015