34 Clever Halloween Costumes For Pets

Take a peek at some “a-dog-able” Halloween costumes for dogs and cats.

Photo By: Valyiskaya Svetlana

Pretty Pooch

A tiara, tutu and pink leg warmers can make any girl feel like a princess.

Masked Crusader

Conceal your pup’s true identity with a simple red cape and an eye mask.

Flower Girl

Encircle your pup in petals this Halloween. This simple costume is as charming as it is easy to create. Get the step-by-step instructions >>


Double kudos to the owner of this kitty. One: because it's an awesome costume. Two: you had the nerve to put a cat in a costume.

Classic Costume

Kids and pets always look adorable in a pumpkin costume.

Bat Wings

Transform your pet into a winged creature of the night with this DIY bat costume. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Rock Lobster

A wheeled lobster pot serves double duty. It’s an integral part of the costume and pup gets to ride to the trick-or-treating festivities.

Furry Side Kick

Easter is not the only holiday a bunny can enjoy.

Cute as a Bug

Little sewing skills are needed to make this sweet lady bug costume. Give it a try. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

1984 Revisited

Give your pooch a classic punk hairstyle. Use color hairspray to hold up the mane and create the rainbow effect.

Venice Boaters

A couple of gondoliers add a little international and romantic flair to trick-or-treating.


Turn your pup into a cute swashbuckling pirate.

Three-Eyed Monster

If sewing is not your thing, you're in luck. No sewing skills are required to make this googly-eyed costume. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Fire Brigade

Make a group costume for the kids and dogs.

Up, Up and Away

An aviator vest and hat with a bright red scarf make this costume soar to new heights.

Sargent Shep

This cute little shepard is the pride of the canine patrol.

Jedi Master or Monkey?

The ears on this monkey costume make this pug look a bit like Yoda from Star Wars.

Top Banana

Match this banana costume with the monkey in the previous slide for a perfect pairing.

Chia-Pet Pet

This dog is dressed as a terra cotta and chia version of himself. 

He's Innocent

Wrongly accused, this little pug has no idea what crime he committed.


This little cutie's bark is worse than his bite, but his sting is just adorable. 

Crime-Fighting Canine

Never mess with a dog in a red cape. 

Roll With It

This costume is super easy to make. Cover a cardboard box with white fabric then glue black felt dots onto each side.

Ketchup on a Hot Dog

A natural fit, this pooch looks like he was made to wear that roll. 

Biker Buddy

This little guy is ready to jump on a chopper and go for a spin.


This pup's black and white fur lends perfectly with his Halloween costume. 

Little Red Riding Hood

This feline looks like she just saw a big bad wolf.

Kitty Chicken

This cat probably only agreed to this costume as a way to finally get into the hen house.

Oscar the Crouch

A little harmless green dye and a makeshift garbage can turn a cute pooch into a crouch.

Giddy Up

Give your pup an animal-skin patterned jacket and strap a cowboy onto his back for Western-themed costume.

Naked Cowboy of Times Square

If you’ve ever been to New York City’s Times Square, you’ve probably seen that neighborhood’s most famous resident, the Naked Cowboy. Give everybody a chuckle by dressing your dog like the popular icon.

Ready for a Fiesta

This pooch's colorful garb makes him party-ready.

Sushi Pooch

Dress your dog as some high-grade tuna roll this Halloween. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Be-witchingly Adorable

For the non-fussy approach, try a classic witch hat. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

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