French-Inspired, All-White Baby Shower

Diner en Blanc, or The White Dinner, began in France almost a quarter of a century ago. Copy this elegant French-inspired party, and let the baby shower’s focus be on friends, food and a great reason to celebrate.
By: Girls With Glasses

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Bright White

Ask everyone to wear all white. It might not be the easiest color to pull off, but with the whole party in white, the pictures will be breathtaking.

French Cuisine

We chose a lot of French-inspired food, including crescents, fruit, figs, a baguette, green beans and assorted pasteurized cheeses.

More Cheese, Please

We didn’t want to have anything at our party that the mother-to-be couldn’t enjoy, so we only chose cheeses that had been pasteurized. It’s good to get a variation of delicious French cheeses, but also some cheddar, for the less adventurous members of the party.

Strategic Decorating

Our two white Geronimo balloons perfectly framed the table. Everything looks grander with massive balloons and playful fringe dancing in the wind. We had to be careful where we placed these massive orbs, since we didn’t want them hitting anyone’s head or getting popped by any branches.

She'll Thank You Later

If you want to make the guest of honor’s life easier, make sure to use this tip! The last things you want to do when you are about to have a baby (or even worse, if you just had a baby) are track down everyone’s addresses, buy thank you cards, or go anywhere near a post office. Setting up a thank you card area will save her hours.

Picture Perfect

Keep everything clean and classic, from the white tablecloth to the white dishes. It might seem boring, but we promise, it will be elegant and photogenic. Think quality over quantity.

All in the Details

A sprig of mint in the water makes a beautiful detail to your table top and adds a hint of flavor. You could also use slivers of cucumber or limes.

Simple Centerpieces

Planted herbs are a perfect decorative centerpiece, and with a few small steps, you can also make it something usable. See how we put them together

Advice Column

Advice can be a great present too. It seems like everyone has something they want to tell you about parenting, and it’s fun to hear different perspectives as you’re trying to find your own way. Make a place where each guest can put their best advice for the future momma. See how to make an advice book

Special Accessory

We made a little head wreath for the guest of honor from the leftover green garland. It’s something small, but we hope it makes her feel beautiful and loved.

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