Easter Basket Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Whether you have a girl or boy or a toddler or tween, your kids will love our Easter basket ideas.

Baskets for Baby

Babies can't partake in egg hunts, but you can still give them a basket they'll love. Fill a fabric basket with baby food in their favorite flavor and bath and teething toys. For a fun activity on Easter day, add food coloring to vanilla pudding to make edible finger paint.

Baskets for Toddlers

Toddlers are a fun age on Easter because of all the gift options out there. Skip the candy, and fill baskets with bubbles, small games, sippy cups and chalk. Include their favorite items like nail polish, toy cars, and complete with a board book.

Baskets for Preschoolers

Allow your preschooler to express their creativity, and fill their baskets with Easter-themed masks they can color. Take sippy cup to the next level with silly straws in bright colors, and fill eggs with small toys like stamps, wind-up toys and bubble rings.

Baskets for First Graders

Keep your first graders busy on Easter with an activity-filled basket. Choose a color scheme like neon, and fill with sidewalk chalk, paint, bubble wands, clay, stickers and stamps. To help them express their individuality, include hair extensions, temporary tattoos, nail polish and shoelaces.

Baskets for Tweens

A basket for a tween can be difficult since they've likely outgrown the Easter tradition. Give them a basket they would love to display in their room, and fill it with novelty gifts like bacon tape, a framed image of cats and patterned skateboards. Add headphones and makeup or grooming tools, so they'll be the envy of all their friends.

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