Adding string lights to your balcony or patio will brighten up your summer entertaining significantly.  Instead of buying lights from your local store, make your own custom decorations. You will be surprised at how fast and easy this project is. All you need are a basic string of lights, a couple of Fiskars punches and your imagination. 

Step 1

Cupcake Wrapper Lights

1. Fold the tinfoil and paper cupcake wrappers into quarters and eighths. Using the Amplify® Mixed Media Shears, trim them into the shape of a flower. Even with the multiple layers, you will still get a clean cut with these shears because they are designed to cut through thicker materials. 

2. Use both the In Bloom Squeeze Punch and the Seal of Approval Squeeze punches to cut shapes from the tissue paper.

3. Insert several layers of tissue paper at a time into each punch. The squeeze punches have a unique, open design, allowing you to see what you are punching.

4. Layer four or five trimmed cupcake wrappers and the punched tissue paper shapes together. Punch a hole in the center of the bundle using the 3/16” eyelet setter from the Three-piece Eyelet Setter Set. 

5. Remove the bulb from the light string and slot it into the hole through the cupcake wrappers. Replace the bulb and check that the flowers are held securely in place.

Step 2

Trim Cupcake Wrappers

1. Use the 8” Amplify® Mixed Media Shears to cut an ‘X’ shape in the base of an upturned mini paper cup. 

2. Coil the jute twine around the base of the cup and all around the sides. As you wind around the cup, glue the twine with a hot glue gun.

 3. After coiling the jute around the entire paper cup, trim the end of the twine with the 6” Amplify® Mixed Media Shears. Secure the end of the jute inside the cup with glue.

4. Trim a 1/4” strip of cardstock using the ProCision™ Rotary Bypass Trimmer and adhere to the outside of the twine wrapped cup. 

5. Repeat for each bulb on your light string and place each wrapped cup over every bulb. The X cut shape in the cup will hold it in place over the bulb.  

Step 3

Hang and Entertain

Now all that is left is to hang up the lights and have your friends over to show off your new DIY project! Not only do these lights work great outside, but think about indoor spaces as well. You could decorate a tweens bedroom, wrap them around a staircase for the holidays or create intimate lighting in a breakfast or reading nook. With just a couple of Fiskars tools and your imagination, the options are endless.