DIY Weddings: Menu Ideas and Recipes

Find menu ideas and recipes for tasty treats to serve at your wedding reception or cocktail hour.
By: Camille Styles
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Six Layers Under

Who can possibly resist the fresh flavors of a raspberry and cream trifle? With six layers alternating between rich custard, sweet raspberries and pound cake, all topped off with chocolate shavings. It's perfect served on a dessert buffet as an alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Savory Starters

For a delightful first course, serve spicy shrimp cocktail with cilantro cocktail sauce in a retro martini glass. Guests will love the novelty of finger foods at a seated meal, not to mention the delicious flavors of this classic favorite.

First Bites

Start the meal off right with an undeniably delicious first course: Roquefort crostini with port wine cherry compote and Marcona almonds. Rich in flavor and easy to serve, these finger foods will rev up guests' appetites for a hearty meal to follow.

Pecan Pleasure

For the dessert course, do as the Southerners do and serve homemade pralines. Line two china teacups with craft paper, then pile the pralines high in each one and serve to guests on a silver tray. Guests are sure to come back for seconds of this sweet treat.

All in the Family

Send guests home with a favor they'll enjoy for years: a recipe card sharing the family secret for pecan pralines that's been passed down for generations. Leave one at each place setting for guests to take home and try their hand at making this Southern favorite.

Share the Wealth

For dessert, you can't go wrong with strawberry shortcake. To make it more fun (and easier), serve all of the classic components family-style. Guests will have a blast passing around baskets overflowing with strawberries, sweet biscuits and whipped cream, and they'll enjoy building dessert to their own liking.

Exotic Eats

Serve a delicious tart that encourages family-style dining and is rich in ethnic flavors. This flatbread is topped with pears, dried apricots, goat cheese and mint. Once it is done baking, drizzle honey over the tart, slice and serve.

For Starters

A rustic cheese display is a welcome treat and makes the perfect starter course for a no-fuss wedding theme. Set up a display of at least three different cheeses, toasted bread and fresh fruits for an appetizer that's seasonal and down-right delicious.

Food So Nice They Named It Twice

A large serving of couscous is a must-have side dish at any Moroccan-inspired feast. For a wonderful combination of flavors, mix in currants, pistachios and lots of fresh herbs, and be sure to include a large serving spoon for passing around the table. Get the recipe

Little Devils

Deviled eggs with diced cucumber and dill make a perfect starter course, and they put a refreshing spin on a Southern classic. Carefully pipe filling into eggs, set symmetrically on a bed of dill, then garnish with a sprig on top.

Eat Your Veggies

The best appetizers are often the easiest to assemble. This arugula pesto with assorted crudité makes a colorful statement at the table and is the perfect way to jump-start guests' appetites. For an unexpected twist on tradition, slice vegetables lengthwise and display vertically in highballs and short glass bowls.

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