DIY Network's 10 Most-Popular Christmas Pins of 2013

Pinners love the holidays, so it's no wonder these fabulous crafts and decor ideas from DIY Network's Pinterest board were at the top of your Christmas list.

Photo By: Susan Teare

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

©Dottie Angel

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Photo By: Heather Anne Thomas ©Beall + Thomas Photography

Photo By: Kreis Beall & Heather Anne Thoma

©Mary Abreu

Hand-Painted Vintage Sign

Create your own vintage-inspired sign, and greet guests with a warm holiday message upon arrival.

Christmas Ornaments From Old Necklaces

Give old costume jewelry new life by turning it into glamorous Christmas tree ornaments.

Knitting Wreath

Show off a love for knitting with this creative wreath. Consider using alternating red and green balls of yarn for a more festive look.

Funny Photo Gift Tags

Skip store-bought gift tags this year, and opt for nostalgic images of the recipient (the funnier, the better!) to spread extra holiday cheer.

Gift Tag Templates

Download our free gift tag templates for a custom look that doesn't break the bank.

Fence Piece Wreath

Add a festive flair to your doorway with a one-of-a-kind wreath made of garland, acorns and old picket fence pieces.

Festive, Glowing Fireplace

Even if you prefer not to light a fire, you can still have a warm holiday glow in your fireplace. Simply wrap your logs with Christmas tree lights!

Originally from Create a Festive and Glowing Fireplace (Without the Fire!)

Blackberry Farm

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Walland, Tenn., this luxurious retreat marries classic luxury with rustic charm, an ideal combination for the holidays.

Birch Bark Ribbon

Try something new, and top your Christmas packages with birch bark ribbon this year, a natural touch recipients are sure to adore.

Picture Frame Wreath

Upcycle an old frame as a holiday wreath with a bright coat of paint and a few Christmas ornaments.

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