These garlands are adorable and simple to make. For the pinecone garland, it's as simple as wrapping and tying the twine around the pinecone. For the origami stars, you'll learn how to transform thin strips of paper into three dimensional stars. They're cute as a button and making them is a little addictive. 

Step 1

The Loop

I start off by cutting strips of regular copy paper lengthwise, so that they’re 1/2 inch by 11 inches. Then the first step in folding is to create a small loop at one end. Take the top end of the strip over to the right and loop it around and behind, so that there is an inch of the short end sticking out from the left hand side. 

Step 2


Feed the short end through the loop, as if you were going to tie a knot. 

Step 3


Feed the short end through the loop, as if you were going to tie a knot. 

Step 4


Turn the paper so the short end is at the bottom.

Step 5


Fold the short end up and over the crossed paper.

Step 6

Fold Again

Now tuck the short end under the top layer of the crossed paper. 

Step 7

The Pentagon

Now you have a pentagon with a tail.

Step 8

Fold Again

Fold the tail so that it wraps over where you just tucked in the short end, allowing the paper to fold to follow the shape of the pentagon. 

Step 9

Continue Folding

Continue to fold and wrap the tail around the pentagon. When you come to the end of the tail, tuck it into the fold in the same way that you tucked the short end in Step 6. 

Step 10

Pinch And Indent

This is where your pentagon becomes a star. Use your fingernail to make an indent in the middle of one of the flat edges of the pentagon, and then continue around, indenting each side. 

Step 11


Oh, heeeeeeeey. Origami star. Pretty cute, right?

Step 12


To make your stars into a garland, pierce the star through one of the indents so that the needle comes out of the top point. (This ensures the thread won’t pull the indent out and collapse the star.) 

Step 13

Garland Two: Pinecone Garland

The mini pinecone garland is even easier. Grab some mini pinecones and some cute baker’s twine in festive colors. 

Step 14


Wrap the twine underneath the pinecone scale so that the twine overlaps and gently pull taut. I found that I didn’t need to tie a knot — the scales held the twine like Velcro. 

Step 15

Trim The Tree

Take both strands and wrap around your tree. Beautiful!