Step 1


Start with a square cloth napkin. Iron it to get out any wrinkles or creases. 

Step 2

Fold Twice

Fold in half once. Now fold in half again, the opposite way, to create a square a quarter of the size of your original napkin. 

Step 3

Set Up The Diamond

Flip the napkin around so that folded edges are at the bottom, with the loose edges at the top. Fold down the top loose corner to the bottom folded corner. 

Step 4

Fold The Next Layer

Fold down the next loose corner the same way, but stagger it an inch higher than the first one you just folded down. 

Step 5

Repeat Again

Again, fold down a loose corner, stagger it an inch higher. 

Step 6

Flip Over

Now carefully flip the whole thing over. Fold over the right corner towards the left corner. Press down gently to crease. 

Step 7

Fold Opposite Side

Now fold the left corner towards your right, pulling it as far towards or past the centerline as you did in Step 7. Again press gently to crease. 

Step 8

Flip Back Over And Fluff

Flip back over and slide your silverware into the pouch made by the three folded layers. Tah-dah! Neat, pretty, with a quasi chevron pattern.