Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet

Learn how to create a lush bouquet of cymbidium orchids -- the perfect project for a do-it-yourself bride!
wrap bouquet with floral tape down stems

wrap bouquet with floral tape down stems

Figure E

Materials and Tools:

25 stems green cymbidium orchids
7-8 bunches green hypericum berries
Green floral tape
Floral wire (24-gauge)
Floral shears
Pan Melt floral glue and electric skillet (or a hot glue gun)
Satin wired ribbon (12-15 inches)


1. Clip the orchid blooms from the larger stem, then cut an additional inch from the bloom stem.

2. Thread floral wire through the center of the stem, towards the base of the flower. Once the wire is halfway through, use thumb and index finger to bend the wire straight down.

3. Put some of the floral tape around the base of the flower. While holding tape with your index finger, gently pull the tape while rotating flower stem until the wire and flower stem are completely covered 3/4 of the way down the wire.

4. Pull the leaves off of the berry stems. Remove any brown or discolored berries or leaves. Trim the berry stems to 8-10" long.

5. Arrange 2 to 3 stems back-to-back, then slowly add more berries and blooms around the outside of the bunch until the bouquet is full .

6. Wrap floral tape around the bunch of stems just below the base of the flowers, and slowly pull the tape and rotate the flower bunch until all of the stems are covered approximately 8 inches down the wire. Cut away extra lengths of stems and wire.

7. In an electric skillet, melt pan melt adhesive. Use a wooden stick to apply a strip of glue on top of the flower stems. Alternately, a hot glue gun can be used.

8. Beginning at the top, just below the base of the flowers, run satin ribbon over the glue and lay the ribbon flat across the bottom. Tuck the sides of the ribbon inside and then wrap the ribbon from bottom to top until the stems are covered with ribbon.

To keep the finished bouquet fresh, store upright in a refrigerator.

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