Wedding Night Wear

Use simple iron-on rhinestone embellishments to create this budget-friendly handmade gift that will help send the bride off with love on her big day.

Step 1

Create Rhinestone Design

Open up the rhinestone package and peel off the back. Use the paper backing the rhinestones came on to sketch out your design, BACKWARDS.

Place the clear tape that the rhinestones came on directly on top of your sketch, sticky side up. Arrange the rhinestones upside down directly onto the tape, use your sketch as a guide. Use a pin as a guide when needed. When you are finished, make sure the rhinestones are exactly where you want them.

Step 2

Transfer the Design

Pick up the tape gently; lay the rhinestone applique directly on top of the underwear in the desired location. Press down the tape on all sides to secure.

Turn underwear upside down and gently iron as per the instructions on the rhinestone package. Allow the fabric to cool and then carefully pull away the tape.

Step 3

Add a Bow

The ribbon bow is optional, but it adds a nice, extra touch. Make a bow using a piece of ribbon.

Place a piece of paper or tin foil underneath where you want to apply the bow (we used the piece of paper the rhinestones had come on). Dab a bit of fabric glue where you want the center of the bow then place the bow on top of the glue.